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Story SummaryEdit

It all started with the gradual downfall of the Aramin economy....

That's when the Ministry had the people right where they wanted them.

Who else would the people turn to for help in near-impossible times? Who else but the Aramin Ministry. The people would "forever" be in the Ministry's debt for the help they provided. The debt the people had to pay was their humanity. The Aramin Ministry damn near took every right the people had. Ministry guards were killing innocents for not paying taxes or simply not doing their assigned "duties". Doing things in a civilized manner from now on was simply out of the question. The Ministry dealt with any inconvenience in the most extreme and vulgar way humanly possible, if you even want to call them "human".

Then came the resistance, then the Great War that wiped out 89% of the Aramin population.

Expecting a fairytale ending of the resistance winning? Think again. The Ministry won with an overwhelming force, and things haven't changed.. as a matter of fact, they're worse. Karma doesn't exist, or it would consume the Ministry as a whole and spit out the remains. The only thing that does exist now is the will to fight. That very thing might be the only hope Aramin has.

I'm Nathan Aldrige, and I'm a veteran of the resistance.

The Great War may be over, but there is Unrest among the people.

Now I ask you, what are you going to do about it?

Unrest is a nonlinear RPG, where you have the choice to shape Aramin's future. Now, bear with me here, I know there are people who aren't fans of nonlinear games, but this is one you can't knock until you try it. I'm not revealing a release date, and I'm not mentioning anything about a demo. All I'm going to say is that finishing this game means the world to me, and it will be completed at the pace I deem necessary even if it's 3 years, so be it. This will be produced exactly as I want it to be.

Now a little more about the game

It is currently being worked on as we speak, so far just solo. I might need aid of others in the near future, I may not. I'll make it known if I do.

The game will feature achievements. If you don't like achievements, tough. They don't hurt anything and will reward the player for completing certain tasks with achievement points, which can be used as a sort of second currency to the right merchants for unique items and tools to aid you in your own adventure that can't be found anywhere else. Unlike most Achievements systems, there is more to it than just seeing the little pop-up knowing you just did the specified task and received no reward for doing so.

A little more about the non-linear aspect of the game. You will be able to have any outcome desired, all with different endings. The decisions you make early on in the game will affect the future of your gameplay. Certain people will admire you for your actions, some will despise you. Based on who likes you and hates you will affect certain dialogue options/tasks, areas, and items available.

If you're the Hero of the new resistance, or the Aramin Ministry's new right hand man, the choice is yours in Unrest.

I'm extremely excited making this game come alive and I look forward to seeing it progress.

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